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Battering Intervention & Prevention Program ("BIPP") Support

I often have many clients required to take Battering Intervention and Prevention Program "BIPP." What is this course? What is its purpose?

The Family Place, offers a frequently recommended program, and they describe BIPP as a program that "teaches batterers how to identify, challenge, and change core beliefs that support the use of violence with their intimate partners." This program tends to last 24-26 weeks, with one session per week. There is an orientation fee and a fee for each session.

While the focus of the program can be extremely helpful, there is a MAJOR barrier to participation--the fees. Assisting those who NEED this course for disposition of their case and the many clients of mine who want to complete the course to provide them skills for dealing with their overwhelming emotions and feels, is vital to an accused person's success.

When you cannot afford the help you need, you end up caught in a cycle of repeating bad behavior and getting charged with additional crimes. 

This is where I plan to help. It is my intention to work on BIPP programs that are affordable, that increase client completion, and that ultimately increases their success. I don't believe money should prevent change and growth. We have to bring compassion to our approach to achieve justice and leave those charged with domestic violence crimes some respect.

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